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Hogarth Arts. Authentic Aboriginal Arts.Indigenous Small Business.Direct from the Artist.

Support Small Indigenous Business.

Welcome to Hogarth Arts.

The Story
We are about art and culture about expression and I little bit of wisdom all rolled into a nice paintball.

Hogarth Arts is a family owned indigenous business; we work from home where watching tv sometimes over comes work. Starting in 1996 and growing stronger every year by caring about our customers and making sure their experience is a pleasant one.
All the painted art is done by Stephen, he sits there for hours creating amazing paintings and designs for you to enjoy. The rest of us do the background work, mainly the boring stuff like paperwork.

The Why
Why not we say. We enjoy what we do and we hope you do also. Murals and workshops and just creating new products for you are what we do. All this hard work takes time so we do work hard coming up with new idea's, murals, designs and paintings.

The How
Everything we do is funded by you, our valued and caring customers. We do other work also like photography, graphic design, murals and workshops it’s our customers that keep us going.

The Good Bits
Hogarth Arts has won a many awards and is very well respected around the world, we don’t like blowing our own trumpet but we do some good art and design's.
We have donate products and services to many different originations which they have auctioned off and enjoyed our company.
Doing business with the likes of:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Qld Reds Rugby
  • Caloundra City Council
  • Queensland Government
  • Life Line Australia
  • Mission Australia
  • Kidney Foundation
  • RWBH Brisbane
  • Deakin University
  • Arrow Energy

There are some of the names we will throw around but wait there is more. Some awards you may want to know about.

  • Queensland Government Reconciliation Awards for Business (Highly Commended, Small Business)
  • Quest outstanding business finalist awards

Hogarth Arts is a well Rounded Small Business.